Map of Uganda

Map of Uganda
The Uganda Kampala Mission includes Uganda, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Burundi and Southern Sudan. Our assignment covers all the areas except Ethiopia.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Humanitarian Projects in Rwanda

We will be in Rwanda again next week for six days to help get details worked out for the neo-natal resuscitation training program that the Church will conduct in November. Physicians and nurses from the United States will come to conduct training classes for the medical personnel in Rwanda. In all, 200 physicians, nurses and nurse midwives will receive the training. During this trip we will meet with Rwanda’s Minister of Health and other government officials to solicit their approval and support for the program.

While there, we will visit the refugee camp where there are 53,000 refugees from the war in the DR Congo. The Church is sending 10 containers of emergency supplies which should arrive in the next 30 days. We will go back then to assist with the distribution. This trip we are there to just assess logistics and the areas of greatest need.

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Peggy said...

Hey, the pictures are great - good to see the glasses, etc. we send in action. I'm sure you are doing so much good and making a difference wherever you go. Our prayers are with you. Take Care.
Lee & Peggy

"Everything must have a beginning"

"Everything must have a beginning"
Children at an orphanage in Entebbe, Uganda. There are so many children here it is incredible; there are orphans everywhere. The people take them in and it is not unusual to see families struggling with 8-10 children. We talked to a woman yesterday who has taken in twelve children. She said, "sometimes I feel sad that I cannot do more, but everything must have a beginning". We have decided to use that as our personal reminder to guide our actions here as we try to help.