Map of Uganda

Map of Uganda
The Uganda Kampala Mission includes Uganda, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Burundi and Southern Sudan. Our assignment covers all the areas except Ethiopia.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

We will enter the MTC in Provo, Utah on October 6, 2008 to begin our 18 month mission for The Church of Jesus of Latter-Day Saints. Elaine and I will serve as the Country Directors for Humanitarian Services in the Uganda, Kampala Mission.


Mike said...

Art- Elaine -- have a safe trip Saturday. Kathleen and I envy you both. With all that has happened here this last we wish we were coming with... It will be a few years before we can go out in the field. We will miss you. You are in our thoughts and prayers.
Kathleen & Mike

Peggy said...

Hey, Elder and Sister Glenn:
Hope you arrived safely and that the flight wasn't too uncomfortable. We're looking forward to hearing about all your experiences, especially the 78-steps to get to your 'penthouse'. We're heading south on Tuesday, so will check in with you when we return. Take care of yourself, and have a great time (the people in Uguanda are in for a real treat)
love, Peg & Lee

Debbie said...

Hi Art and Elaine, Your "Everything has a beginning" post was wonderful. We are going to enjoy learning about your mission. Thank you and stay safe. Love, Debbie and Tee

RealityCheck said...

Excellent first post Elder and Sister Glenn. Looks like you hit the ground running. Looking forward to frequent updates...if you have the time. Whew! Must be a bit overwhelming but if any two people are up to it, it is you two. Stay strong.

Tom G.

Peggy said...

Loved reading your comments - and seeing the great pictures - your smiles couldn't be bigger, I can tell you already fit in. What a challenge you have before you, but we know you are up to the task. The children are so beautiful. Know we are praying for you - and take care of yourselves.

Love, Peg & Lee

"Everything must have a beginning"

"Everything must have a beginning"
Children at an orphanage in Entebbe, Uganda. There are so many children here it is incredible; there are orphans everywhere. The people take them in and it is not unusual to see families struggling with 8-10 children. We talked to a woman yesterday who has taken in twelve children. She said, "sometimes I feel sad that I cannot do more, but everything must have a beginning". We have decided to use that as our personal reminder to guide our actions here as we try to help.